For generations the human organism developed automatically various defense mechanisms to protect, regenerate and heal itself. Our organs and bodily functions are controlled by the autonomic nervous system. Contrary to technical systems, body systems regulate themselves and adjust to the given needs.

Natural Stress Inducer

Acute stress is a form for which we are built and with indeed positive effects on well-being, performance and concentration and lust for life or sex.

This natural regulation process, triggered by acute short-term stress stimuli is disturbed continuously by stressors of harmful environmental influences and bad habits.

"Disease occurs at the very moment, in which the regulatory system of the body is no longer able to compensate the dysfunction. Not the life in abnormal conditions, not the dysfunction itself causes disease, but the disease begins with the insufficiency of the regulatory apparatus!"

Rudolf Ludwig Karl Virchow, (1821 - 1902), German doctor, anthropologist, pathologist at Charité Berlin

The autonomous nervous system is the top control and regulation system in the body. The two main nerves, the sympathetic nerve (SN) and the parasympathetic nerve (PN) as counterplayers control and regulate the essential basic functions (vital functions) of the organism, such as the metabolism, breathing, cardiovascular system, digestive system, hormone system, immune system, etc.

The SN mobilises in the event of stress and danger through neuronal and hormonal activation a maximisation access to the energy reserves to overcome the situation. The PN is reduced or deactivated entirely in this process.

After the situation resolved, the body can recover again. This allows the parasympathetic nerve to again assume its tasks of regeneration, repair and healing.
Continued bustle, physical and mental excess demands, damaging environmental impacts such as e-smog from electric devices, satellites, mobile telephones, WLAN and radio, pollution of the air and water or bad habits from irregular sleeping patterns and insufficient high-quality nutrition result in chronic stress on the organism in addition to other damaging influences. The sympathetic nerve consistently receives alarm triggers and works at full throttle.

Permanent stress becomes a problem!

  • After the alarm phase, the recovery phase is prevented by continuously impacting alarm triggers
  • Result: continued sympathetic nerve activation, also called the resistance phase, can last for weeks, months or even years.
  • The result is excessive demand on the systems and increased consumption and imbalance of transmitter substances of the exhaustion phase.

The Parasympathetic nerve can no longer keep up with its function to recover, regenerate, repair and heal. This results in total exhaustion, from regulation to functional disorders and finally to disease.

The Solution: iLifeSOMM

The Logic of SOMM therapy

The SOMM therapy is fundamentally based on an in real-time synchronized, finely tuned effect of eight components, on both, the physical and the mental body.


With the iLifeSOMM, the natural balance for the optimal regulation abilities is restored, the resistance phase with continued sympathetic nerve activation is eliminated virtually entirely. The body is thereby again able to regulate, to provide resources for regeneration and healing again.

Repair and healing processes can effectively only take place if the parasympathicus nerve is far more active than the sympathicus nerve! When the overarching autonomous nervous system again controls and regulates in a balanced way thanks to the SOMM treatment, subordinate systems and organs can work better.

The iLifeSOMM supports within a few minutes the natural functions of the body. Deep relaxation, metabolism, increase and flow of energy and the detoxification are the basic conditions for healing and regeneration processes.

This leads to four main effects, which allows to bring back the body, mind, soul-system into balance within a few minutes.

For a practice to work, the body must first be brought into a relaxed condition. The music relaxes the mind and soul and lets the relaxation become particularly deep, the basic requirement so that the body is prepared for an application.
The magnetic field resonance application can increase the energy balance, stimulates the metabolism among other things by reaching every single cell of the body. This in turn can result in an improvement of the immune system and strengthens the body's defences.
For organs and control circuits to be supplied with energy, it needs to flow freely. Sound, tone, vibration application and micromassage can release existing physical and mental blocks. The functional circuits are now supplied with energy.
The far infrared heat radiation releases, among other things, the gases and toxins encapsulated in water molecules and accelerates their discharge. Hyperthermia can kill or at least greatly inhibit bacteria and viruses.

Eight dimensions

Music therapy

In receptive music therapy (the passive perception of music) as used in the iLifeSOMM System, music is used in a targeted fashion to achieve a therapeutic effect. Receptive music therapy, is the oldest form of music therapy. Music composed specifically for use with the iLifeSOMM allows the body to undergo deep relaxation and helps to restore, preserve and promote spiritual, physical and mental health.

Magnetic resonance therapy

The most widespread and successful magnetic resonance therapy procedure in the world is used in the iLifeSOMM System, developed in the nineties by a team of medical, biological and physics experts led by Andreas Guenther. A magnetic field generator in the iLifeSOMM System uses specific frequency bundles (reflected saw-tooth pulses), which imitate those found in nature, to generate a low-frequency, low-energy electromagnetic field that is gently transmitted to the body via an intelligent technology in which a coil is wound over a large area.

Vibration therapy

Because the human body consists of at least 70% liquid it provides the optimum preconditions for the transmission of vibration. The gentle vibrations of the iLifeSOMM System cause every one of the approximately 70 billion cells of the entire body to vibrate and act as amplifiers for almost inaudible but intensively perceptible frequencies. Among the effects of this are the loosening of physical tension and cramps and the clearance of energy blockages.

Note therapy

Notes and tones specifically calculated for use with iLifeSOMM, together with specially composed music with predefined frequency components cause either the entire body or the individual parts of the body desired to vibrate in a targeted manner, in accordance with the law of resonance.

Tonal therapy

A computer-controlled multi-channel system activates three actuators (sound generators), which use note, tone and music feeds to transmit gentle micro-vibrations in the range of infra-sound, audible sound and ultrasound via precisely calculated resonating structures in the application couch.

Micro massage

Massage in the broadest sense is one of the oldest medications known to humanity. The positive effects of massages have been proven in various clinical tests and trials and are thus scientifically recognised. The range of the micro-massage in the iLifeSOMM System extends from the location on the body being treated over the whole organism, including the mind.

Relaxation therapy

The totality of these individual procedures, which are entirely attuned to one another in the iLifeSOMM by means of “octaving”, i.e. the halving or doubling of the individual frequencies and oscillation patterns, results in a relaxation response by the whole body within just a few minutes.

Far infrared heat therapy

The far infrared heat rays (FIR) with a wave frequency of 7-15 micrometers (µm) are, as displayed in the ray chart, a small section of the natural sunlight. The crucial matter for the effect of these heat rays is that they correspond precisely to the heat radiation of the human body, which also has a wave frequency of 7-15 µm. For that reason, these far infrared heat rays can penetrate 5-7 cm into the skin and thereby heat the cells and tissue as well as the skin, muscles, blood and lymph vessels. The resonant absorption of the far infrared rays by our body cells causes vibration and rotation effects at a molecular level, which in turn results in a physiological level essentially in a splitting of water molecules polluted with toxins.

12 minutes a day only!

Product components

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Our clients feedback

Healing relaxation!

The iLifeSOMM couch was recommended to me by a girlfriend and just one trial left me totally converted. Where else can one achieve healing relaxation in such a short time?

Guido Maria Kretschmar – Fashion designer

Fully focused!

The small amount of time required means that I can incorporate the couch between individual appointments and thus always remain fully focused.

Frida Weyer – Designer

Like deep meditation!

After just 12 minutes on the couch, I was almost as relaxed as after deep meditation. A wonderful opportunity of getting rid of stress, boosting one’s batteries and simply being better!

Kerstin Linnartz - Presenter


The combinations of music and massage are fantastic. I decide on the program and get what I need, whether that is relaxation or revitalisation.

Hendrikje Kopp - Head of entertainment Bild TV

Like a mini-holiday!

The 12 minutes of "time out" on the couch are like a mini-holiday for me. As I am deeply relaxed I can then cope optimally with the stresses of my everyday life.

David Reichert – PR Manager

Switch off totally!

I was very sceptical when I tried it but even in the first few minutes on the couch you switch off totally and after 12 minutes you feel very calm, strong, at ease and very relaxed.

Tina Palmowski – Director of Ellington Hotel

10000+ satisfied clients!